Welcome To Our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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1. What is a Family Office?

A Family Office can be defined as a group or network of investment professionals who manage wealth outside a family's personal assets.

2. Is The Batalla Family Office a Single or a Multi-Family Office?

A Single-Family Office, however, we collaborate with other Family Offices, Venture Capital Firms, and Angel Investors with similar business philosophies.

3. Where are the headquarters located?

Our headquarters are in Panama City, Panama. We also have an office in SF California and Madrid.

4. Why Panama?

The Batalla Family Office was started by Jose Guillermo Batalla, a visionary real estate investor, politician, and poet from Panama. Later on, his daughter Graciela Batalla worked collaboratively with Empresas Bern to capitalize on her father's good market timing and expanded the family's real estate assets. 

5. Why does the Batalla Family Office invest in technology startups?

The Batalla Family Office invests in both, scale ups and early-stage startups. We follow a market-timing investment philosophy and we believe that asymmetric investment opportunities are the best way of ensuring our organization's perpetuity.

6. Do you offer free consulting to startups?

We are not an accelerator, but in some cases, if we truly believe a startup is moving in the right direction, we might establish a long-term relationship with the founders. This may include helping with their product, marketing and overall vision of the company.

7. I am a tech co-founder, how can I get in touch?

We are currently accepting applications from startups working on  Blockchain decentralized platforms, stable coins, and censorship-resistance-related technologies. If you are working on any of these areas, you can apply here.

8. I am an investor, how can I get in touch?

As ethical futurists, we only partner with similar-minded investors. If you are interested in learning more about our partnership requirements feel free to get in touch with us.

9. Where can I find your portfolio?

We are currently working on a "Featured Projects" and "Featured Startup" section on our website. If you would like to know more about our portfolio, please get in touch.

10. How do you protect my data?

The Batalla Family Office takes your security and privacy very seriously. We follow the European framework and we are constantly doing our best to keep our clients updated. For more information read our privacy section.