How We Invest.

Batalla Family seeks the creators of the 21st century, tech entrepreneurs of every gender, color, and background, to become the next market disruptors and category leaders. We invest in B2B (and B2B2C) startups leveraging technologies such as AI, Blockchain Technology, and FinTech. We believe entrepreneurs with a decentralized approach will be the biggest winners in the future. Our approach enables us to quickly identify a startup’s maturity and how we will work together.

Real Estate

Premium Real assets can become illiquid to own. Batalla Family makes buying fractional ownership in physical assets possible with a few clicks, using blockchain technology. The concept of fractional real estate investment has been prevalent in the US and Europe for over a decade. It is now gradually picking up the pace in Latin America. To appraise, fractional investment enables middle-class and retail investors to invest in a property without bearing the upfront expenses and the ongoing hassles attached to it. The model is relevant for prime real estate properties where stakes are high, and an individual investor may not have access to the entire asset.