Senior Blockchain Developer


Our company is always looking for exceptionally talented and forward-thinking individuals. The Batalla Family Office is run like a startup but with a few key differences. Unlike startups, we are not simply "moving fast and breaking things", we have a much more careful approach and we are market-timing experts.

The Batalla Family Office started as a small project in early 2017, and as Blockchain Technology became popular around the world, new and interesting opportunities started arising faster than we could have imagined.


Being part of our team means that we will open new networking opportunities and provide you the tools to help you build your career in the wealth management industry.



10:00 am

  • Responsible for the full life cycles of blockchain development, from research and analysis to architect (security, performance, scalability, etc), design, and execution (coding, testing, benchmarking, deployment).

  • Map business requirements to blockchain system architecture and system module design.

  • Responsible for Development Operations (DevOps) of blockchain development.

  • Responsible for managing source code repository, issues, and contributors.

  • Define development approach and best practices to implement the solutions.

  • Track, analyze, and monitor technology performance metrics

  • Document development artifacts and best practices.

  • Being one step ahead of our competitors by anticipating  new trends and best practices in the technology landscape

  • Take the initiative in innovation, and creativity

  • Having a deep understanding of Blockchain Technology from a business perspective

  • Being able to demonstrate leadership experience in previous roles.

How To Apply


11:30 am

To be considered for an interview please make sure you have the following links/info before going to the next page.

  • GitHub Profile

  • Linkedin Profile

  • Freelancer Profile (Ex: Upwork)

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