Welcome to our strategic investment network 

About Our Family

The Batalla Family Office was originally established in 1933 by José Guillermo Batalla, to accelerate the development of the real estate sector in Panama City, Panama.

To honor his grandfather's legacy, the Batalla Family Office was reopened by José Guillermo Batalla III as a

strategic investment network and the control group of Rubyztar America Corp.

We have a multigenerational approach and we invest exclusively in forward-thinking technologies that benefit humanity as a whole, moreover, we only partner with other family offices, investment networks, and foundations who follow the same school of thought.



Areas Of Interest

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Blockchain Technology

Is already creating a more open financial system and it will be a major catalyst in the biggest wealth transfer in recent history.


Artificial Intelligence

Will boost economic growth in the coming years, and despite reports on the contrary, it will create more jobs than it destroys.



Aside from bringing people together, artists push the boundaries of our political, economic and social systems —  helping us rethink the future and make important steps toward social progress.